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New AMIA Officers will be elected at our next (Zoom) meeting, on Wednesday May 27th, from 6:00 to 7:30.  All Members are encouraged to vote.  You can join the meeting by Computer or Phone.

We will be electing a new President, one (of two) Vice Presidents, and two (of 3) Trustees.  Please consider running, by submitting your name to outgoing President Marty Montgomery at:

Currently on the Ballot:

For President: Pete Ricci

For Vice President: Sandy Finnigan

For Trustees: Barb Torok, Sandy Finnigan, Chip French


Submitted by Ron and Alice Smythe

It has been a mild winter in The Manor and the April rain came with winds blowing it's way through the island.  If you are an off island resident sheltering in place please use your AMIA directory and call a neighbor who can check on your property and advise you of any problems.

There is a new home being completed on the boulevard and a renovation on Channel Rd.  We welcome to the island the Braun family who became permanent residents in May.

On the sick list are Marie Karmilwicz who had an in home fall and is now in the care of her family.  John Muchie is on the road to recovery after a recent operation.

The new flagpole on the pier is in place and a dedication ceremony will take place in the near future.

Out President M Montgomery held an online meeting of AMIA on Wednesday evening April 29, 2020.  He is opening nominations for Officers and Trustees if you would like to volunteer for an office. Contact Mary or Bob Shreve.  Check your directory for their numbers.  The new AMIA directories are available for a small fee.