468 Old Avalon Blvd

Welcome Doreen Courtman to The Manor.  Be sure to join us at the Avalon House for special events.

Just in time for Black Friday!

Only $15.00! Stop by the Avalon Manor House or contact me at Chip.French@LNF.com to purchase.


Due mostly to the untiring work of one Manor resident, Marty Montgomery, we are close to getting our Fishing Pier back! Marty has lobbied the state, and local municipalities, for the several years since the pier was deemed unsafe and fenced off. His efforts have paid off, as $275,000 has been granted by the state, and $400,000 has been promised by the Township  to build a new pier! It is slated to reopen in June of 2019.


If you are a member of AMIA, and would like something posted here, simply send it, with your contact information to Chip.French@LNF.com

We are once again updating the Directory for republication. New neighbors should contact Chip French. Old neighbors with updates to their information should contact Chip too, Chip.French@LNF.com